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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Short Walgreen's trip 8-6

So, I didn't have a huge trip, again pinching pennies since my husband lost his job. On the bright side however, he just got a job that pays better than the last one. Hopefully this means I can get to working on my stockpiles soon. My son was terribly sick all weekend long. I only had a few minutes to sneak away and unfortunately one of the big products that I wanted was already gone. I was very disappointed with the local Walgreen's. It only stocked about six bottles of the Keri lotion that is the moneymaker of the week. The cashier told me it is a new product and they don't have it fully stocked yet. Not fully stocked with a sale like that...not good planning. Our local Walgreen's has limited purchases because of shelf clearing which works out well for me since I am not always able to jump up at the butt crack of dawn to go to Walgreens. I did pretty well for a late evening shopping trip so here it is.

Three transactions this time. Rolling those Register Rewards. First transaction was the free Listerine Smart Kids Rinse. On sale for $3.00 minus a $1.00/1 coupons making it $2.00 and then $2.00 RR back. I also bought a Resolve Carpet cleaner that was on sale for $4.99 - $.75/1 and again $2.00RR back.

Total it up and the transaction was $6.24 before tax and I got $4.00 in RR back

Second transaction was the 4/$15.00 on TRESemme products. I bought 2 shampoo, a conditioner, and a gel. I used four $1.00/1 coupons lowering the OOP down to 4/$11.00 and I got $5.00 RR back on these making them essentially 4/$6.00. These are the liter size too. I also picked up a reusable lunch bag for $2.00 and used a caramel for filler.
Total it up and the transaction was $13.39 - $4.00RR and I paid $9.39 before tax.

Final transaction was filled with a few different items that I had coupons for. Ziploc sandwich bags 120ct were on sale 2/$4.00 and I had a $1.00/2 coupon for those, Palmolive 10oz dish soap on sale with in ad coupon for $.89 with a $.25/1 coupon was $.64, Purex laundry detergent on sale for $1.99 with a coupon for $.50 off each one, I bought 2, and used a caramel for filler.

Total it up and the transaction was $7.01 minus $5.00RR made total $2.01 before tax.

Total of all three transactions was OOP $17.64. Total savings $39.93. I saved 69% on this shopping trip.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Walgreen's 7-31 and Gifts from the Mail Man


This week presented a new challenge. My husband lost his job and so we are scrimping, but we needed somethings. Thank God for couponing and some great sales at Walgreen's to get us the necessities. We didn't get much but we saved quite a bit. I hope for a larger shopping trip once he is employed again, but for now we will be sticking to mainly freebies or almost freebies.

I did two transactions yesterday at Walgreen's to roll my Register Rewards (RR) to try to keep my Out Of Pocket (OOP) down. My first transaction was the two packages of Cottonelle toilet paper. These were $5.00 each with $3.50 RR if you bought two. There was also a coupon in the Aug Walgreen's monthly coupon book, and I had two $.75/1 manufacturer coupons. So this transaction looked like this:

2 x $5.00 = $10.00

2 x $1.00 WAGS coupon + 2 x $.75/1 manu. coupon = $3.50 off

$6.50 OOP before tax with $3.50 RR

Transaction two was Good barrettes that were on sale for $2.00 with $2.00RR, two Old Spice Trial Size Deodorants, one Old Spice Body Spray, two packs of Schick Xtreme3 disposable razors. I had some great coupons on this transaction. The Old Spice Trial Deodorants I had a $1.00/2 and I had a great Buy One Item Get a Body Spray Free coupon. The Schick razors were Buy One Get One 50% and I had two $3.00/1 coupons. I might have held off on these because I misread the sale and thought it was BOGO free, but they were still pretty cheap. Here is the math:

Barettes $2.00 OOP

Old Spice Deodorants: 2 x $.99 = $1.98 - $1.00/2 coupon = $.98 total OOP and got the spray for free, it was $4.99.

Schick Razors 2 x $7.99 = $15.98 - $4.00 for BOGO = $11.98 - 2 x $3.00 coupons = $5.98 OOP

I used the RR from Transaction 1 which was another $3.50 off the transaction so total OOP was $5.46 and I got $2.00RR.

Total cost for both transactions were $11.96 and total saved $23.98 and I still have $2.00 RR. That is a savings of 68%. It was a great trip. I had some other items I was hoping to get, but our Walgreen's clears out fast down here. I don't know if it is one person shelf clearing, or lots of people getting the deals.

Gifts From The Mail Man

I got a couple great things in the mail too. I got a coupon for a free juice and a coupon for a free Herbal Essences item. Hopefully more to come.