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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


At my husbands suggestion, when I asked what I should blog about this week, he said I should blog about my volunteer work at my daughters school.  I happen to think this is a bit of a boring subject, but I guess since this is supposed to be about my life, and my life is not always exciting, a little boring might be okay. 
I go to my daughters school everyday to help them with a great class project.  Everyday the students take home a "baggie book".  These are a collection of books that the teacher has available for the kids to chose.  They take one book and put it in their baggie, a gallon ziploc with their name on it.  They take the books home and read them for 20min.  They have a slip to be signed by a parent and returned.  If the kids return their book with the slip signed, they get a "purple paw".  These paws can be traded for prizes when they have saved enough.  They also have some contests to see how fast they can get to 500 as a class, and they had a competition to see which second grade class could get the most in a month. 
I think this is a great program to get these kids reading.  I make them treats for hitting goals.  I love being able to encourage their reading and growing. 
My big part in this process is that I am the "bag lady".  I go in every day and record who has returned their book and give them their purple paws and a new slip for the next day.  Even though this is just a little thing, it saves the teachers about 30 min. a day that they can use to teach and do their work.  Every little bit helps.  I am glad that even doing something small like this is helping the entire grade. 
The other great part of this is I get to take my son with me.  We stroller over every day and he sits with me in the classroom.  The children all love him.  He sits and listens to them sing and read.  It is great socialization and my daughters teacher thinks that the kids learning to ignore a small distraction is good for them.
It has really been a great way for me to get out of the house everyday.  It has been so amazing to think of my sons growing through this time.  When we started going to school back in August, he was only 2 months old.  When the school year is over in 35 days, he will be 10 months old.  He has been amazingly patient and sits while I work.  It has been a truly fun experience and I hope that they will let us do it next year as well. 
I encourage anyone with small children to see what you can do with them.  I know it is hard to leave them, and I am surprised to see the opportunities that will let you bring them with.  I volunteer at the school, I am part of our church group and bring him with me to that.  Make sure that you ask about opportunities that you want and see if they will accommodate you and your child.

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  1. I loved being home when my tow were little --then I went back to teaching.
    I am now the very proud grandma of Henry James
    a very cheerful fat chap totally breastfed and gorgeous.
    I'm from England where breastfeeding is the norm......
    as it should be --but don't start me on that!
    All best wishes to your lovely family


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