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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recipes to Try

So this week has been pretty busy.  As I wrote about last week I volunteer at my daughters school with their reading program.  The school and volunteers are working hard to motivate the kids to read for this last 7 weeks of school.  Their focus is apparently reliant on the cold weather, and now that it is warm it flew right out the window.  It is thankfully lighter longer and we are all enjoying it.  I have resorted to outright bribery to get them to read.  I help two classes of second graders.  There are about 20 kids per class.  My bribe was if the class could have 15 returned "baggies" (if you need explanation you should have read Volunteering from last week) in one day, I would bring treats.  Wouldn't you know it both classes returned 15+ books within two days of each other.  I couldn't be more proud, or busy baking.  I found some really great recipes on the Food Network website. I have been using this site a lot. I love that I can watch the shows and then grab the recipe and store it in my recipe box.  I have almost 30 recipes saved in there.  Go to my Recipes from Posts page to check out the recipes for the cookies I made.  For my daughters class, I made Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies.  These are for the chocoholic in everyone.  They were delicious, but hard to cook without burning them.  They almost look raw, Paula Deen's definition of gooey, but as they cooled they dried a bit and were delicious.  For the other class, I made a recipe I had made previously for my daughters class.  I love this recipe because it is so easy.  They are called Meringue Cookies or "Forgotten Kisses".  This recipe has very few ingredients and I have actually found quite a few slightly different variations that have all been delicious.  This recipe calls for chocolate chips, but I have used white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, and a mixture of dark chocolate and mint chips.  They have all been wonderful.  The other great thing about these is you don't have to time the cooking.  I whipped up the batter in about 10 minutes last night right before bed, then you put them in a 350 degree over and turn it off.  You can leave them overnight, which is what I did.  I woke up with cookies ready to go to school.  They were definitely a hit.  Check these recipes out, they are worth it!

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