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Monday, July 18, 2011

First Grocery Trip Albertson's 7-18 and small Walmart trip


I finally got the courage to do it. I planned a trip for grocery shopping and went to it. I have used coupons grocery shopping before, but just basically bought what I always buy and if I happened to have a coupon I used it. I saved about $20.00 that way. Today, I decided on Albertson's since I have a couple of pages that I follow that show match ups. Also, we were lucky enough to score twice the value coupons in this Sunday's paper. For those of you new to the coupon world, these coupons are available for use at Albertson's and it doubles the value of any coupon up to $1.00. You can use three per transaction. I used 9 today and it really helped.

I won't list out my whole purchase because I did get a few things that were not on sale, but I will show you my best buys. The total information for Albertson's was we spent $108.44, saved $92.83, brought home $5.00 off our next purchase, and two coupons for free gallon of milk.

I had a few things that were great buys. London broil was kind of expensive at $17.00, but it was buy one get one free. They were huge so I figure I can probably get about four meals out of the two we bought. GM cereal was on sale 4/$10.00 and I had two coupons for $1.00/2 and used two TTV coupons. This made four boxes of cereal for $6.00. I got four boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta for free with coupons. There was a list of items if you buy 10 you save $5.00. It was called spotlight for savings. I purchased 5 cans of Hunt's tomatoes, 3 bottles of Hunt's BBQ sauce, and 2 boxes of Act II popcorn to take advantage of that deal. I also had coupons for the popcorn. I used all my TTV coupons for $1.00 off coupons. Although it wasn't for pennies I feel like I did well.


I had really hoped for better savings during my WalMart shopping, but because the Red Plum coupon booklet is not delivered around here I am missing some of the coupons. I am still pondering whether to order it from ebay, or just wing it. I am thinking order! I only bought one thing that I did not have a coupon for and it was so stinking cute I couldn't say no when my son saw it. He is a bit of a bobble head and seems to constantly run his head into things, so it should come in handly. I cuter than heck little Spongebob ice pack. It was only $2.94.

Everything else in the picture I had coupons for. The dog treats were $2.12 and I had a $1.00/1 coupon for each of them. The bigger dog treats in front were $2.98 and I had a $1.00/1 coupon for those as well. I was looking for the smaller bottles of Frank's hot sauce that were supposed to be on sale for $.98 but couldn't find them. The two I got were $1.98 and I had a $.50/1 coupon for each. The Gillette Razor was a great buy. I had already bought WalMart out of the kits for $4.97 and I saw these Seattle Mariner ones for $6.00. I had a $4.00/1 coupon. Dial lotion was $1.97 and I had a coupon for $1.00/1. Flintstone vitamins $5.98 coupon for $3.00/1. The little body washes were $.97 each, and I had 3 coupons for $1.00/2. I bought six of them. The travel first aid kits were also $.97 and I had a coupon for $1.50/2. The benedryl anti-itch pen was $2.38 and I had a coupon for $2.00/1 making it only $.38! This rounded out my shopping day. I spent $23.28 on $40.78 worth of items.

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