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Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Sewing

I finished a project finally.  My daughter and her little neighborhood friends decided to have a water fight day before yesterday for a birthday party. As I was picking her up from the party, I noticed that she was poured into her suit from last year.  It was obviously to small, since she was picking it out of her butt after every step.  We were headed for Joann's Fabric store anyway, so I decided I would make her a suit.  This idea didn't actually just come on a whim.  When I was little, my grandma made me a swimsuit.  I still remember it. It was bright ass pink, and I remember her talking about how easy the pattern was because it started out just a square.  I thought I could do it, so I tried my luck.  I will try my best to explain the pattern so you can get it.  This can be made for adults or children.  I added straps but the original pattern ends up strapless.
 I remember my grandma saying it only took 1 yard of fabric.  I am sure now, that I making that up in my head, but it worked for me.  I actually bought 1 1/2 yds, but ended up with quite a bit left over.  The idea is simple.  Cut a square of fabric.  I used a 30 inch square for my daughter, but you certainly could go larger if needed.  A thirty inch square made the ties around the top about 42 inches around.  After you have cut the square of fabric, you will need to cut it diagonally in half.  This should give you two right triangles.  Using the 90 degree angled corner of each overlap them.  I overlapped by three inches and that seemed perfect.
So if you are understanding my directions you should have two triangles with right angles overlapping forming a diamond.  My diamond had three inch sides.  I took a small zig zag stitch and stitched them together.  Make sure that you stitch both sides, and that both pieces of fabric are facing the same way.  Either both right side up or both right side down. This forms the crotch of the suit.  I also hemmed about 1/2 inch on the long sides of the triangles which become the ties.  On one of the long sides I found the center and went out four inches and attached one 14 inch long strap to go over her head.  This worked, but I think I may have to adjust it in just a tad bit.
To wear the suit, take one long edge of a triangle and tie it around your chest.  If you attach a strap of some sort, start with that. Feed the rest of the suit between your legs and pull the other triangle up behind you.  Take the remaining long side and tie it around your waist.  There is your suit.
What I loved about this is that it really easy an easy suit to make and the materials only cost me $7.00.  Have fun and don't forget your sunscreen!!

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