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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What did I do wrong?

I know it has been a long time since I posted. I had an epiphany yesterday sparking this post.  I was running out of things to write about.  I couldn't think of any great stories or epic adventures so I hadn't written.  What I realized though, is that my life has been crazy and it is good enough to write about it.  This is supposed to be about me. 
A few things of note have happened in the last two weeks.  The first and most important is my husband got a job at a local prison.  We are trying to prepare for the change as much as we can.  He has to go to a POST academy in Boise which is about 6 hours away for five weeks.  This couldn't have come at a worse time really.  I am so happy for him, but my brother is coming home from Afghanistan and we have a big family get together planned for about 5 weeks from now. My dreads is that my husband's graduation and my brother's homecoming will be the same weekend. We'll know more on May 24th, when my hubby goes for orientation.  I guess no point in stressing before that, even though my mother-in-law has already started the guilt trip.
The second thing is that the sickness in my house has been spreading like wildfire.  It's all my fault.  I got strep throat, went to the doctor, got my antibiotics, got over it.  I also gave it to my hubby, not to bad, but enough for him to feel cruddy.  Then my daughter pops up with this crazy rash all over her body.  I take her to the doc and he says that she has scarlet fever, probably from my having strep.  Good gravy, what a wreck she was.  Itching all over, we basically bathed her in calamine lotion twice daily and a round of antibiotics for her.  Then from me taking antibiotics and my son breast feeding he got thrush.  I took him to the doc to get that checked and the doc finds that he also has double ear infections.  Nothing better for thrush than another damned round of antibiotics.  So now he is on antibiotics and thrush medication and I have to use the thrush medication on my breasts to make sure this nastiness doesn't come full circle.  I just hate that my baby is sick again.
Which brings me to the title of this blog.  What did I do wrong with this baby? He seems sick a lot.  It just kills me. When I was young and stupid and pregnant with my first baby I smoked the whole time, I ate like a hog, I didn't exercise, I drank soda all day long, and delivered a healthy baby girl naturally with no problems.  I didn't have the support I needed to keep breast feeding so I quit after three weeks.  I continued to smoke and she still was pretty darned healthy.  It seems like against all odds she was healthy.  Now I am smart enough to know that I was lucky.  I have seen people lose babies and have sick babies and I know that I shouldn't press the odds.  I decided with this next baby, I was doing it right.
I quit smoking, I ate healthy, I quit drinking soda and switched to decaf tea.  I tried to exercise a little when I could.  I tried to do everything right.  I ended up with a c-section because his heart rate was dropping. Jaundice for the first week. We have fought ear infections, RSV with bronchiolitis, thrush, and numerous colds that seem to come with his teeth.  I am still breast feeding and can proudly say my son has never had formula.  I try to still eat healthy for him.  I take my vitamins every day. What am I doing wrong?  Is this karma for taking chances with my daughter?  Since I have been a stay at home mom and he was breastfed, it really makes me think I am doing something wrong.  It is so frustrating when someone says to me, oh no..your baby is sick again. I thought breastfed babies didn't get sick this often.  Yeah! Me too.  I truly hope this is not my fault and I am not doing something wrong. I would assume that if there was real reason for concern my doctor would let me know, but it still gets me feeling like he is suffering because of me.

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